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Why our massages are the best in Curacao

What a bold claim, right? But we are pretty confident we nail this one because we do have the best massages on the island. And today, we are sharing the reasons why!

Endless possibilities

Did you know we have over 15 types of massages available? From your classic back massage to more specialized massages such as sports massage or lymphatic drainage. Oh, and let's not forget about true treats for your body, such as our seaweed body mask or the sabai thai massage. You will find the perfect massage for you at our spa.

Personalized treatments

Everybody is different, so your massage should be too. We tailor the massage to your needs. Maybe there is an area you want us to focus more on, or certain pains or skin conditions you want us to keep in mind while performing the treatment. Did you know we also do a consultation first? If it's your first time getting a massage or trying a new one, we sit down with you and ask you some questions to get to know you a bit better so we can personalize the treatment to your needs. We will also explain the procedure and we'll freely answer your questions.

Engage your senses

The first time clients come to our spa, many points out how relaxing the atmosphere is (thank you!). That's because we try to engage your senses as much as possible. From having a mild temperature that cools your body a little, some background music that will put you in the mood to tastefully decorated rooms with details you can enjoy. And the best part? The aromas. We have a vast selection of essential oils we can use in your treatments to best suit the massage we are doing. If you opt for a relaxing massage, we will use scents that will wind you down and help you feel more relaxed. Or if you decide on a detox treatment, we will scents that aid the detoxification process. We have everything carefully planned for you to have the best massage.

Massage experts

It goes without saying, but you are quite literally in very capable hands. Eldy and Zoyla have been working in the industry for more than a decade. All staff in our spa are certified estheticians and therapists and we continue to improve our skills regularly. Our capable hands have helped hundreds of people to relax, detox, heal, and nourish their bodies. Are you next?

Kids are welcomed

Fun fact: We have very special kid options! Who said spa time couldn't be family time? As mothers, we know very well that kids also get stressed from school, sports, or other activities. So it's great to treat them to some self-care time too. And let's not forget that it nurtures good wellness habits in them to take after themselves.

So to wrap it up, these are the reasons we have the best massages on the island. Want to try one out? You can book directly online to schedule your appointment. Not sure which massage to get? Feel free to send us a WhatsApp message to get more info about our treatments and how we can help you.

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