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First time going to a spa? Start Here!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Welcome to Paqari! If the idea of going to a spa makes you nervous, you're not alone. Many people have their first spa experience when they get a gift to a day spa. Some people don't even use it because they're anxious about what will happen and the finer points of spa etiquette. Here we will share with you some tips to enjoy your first day at our spa.

Arrive on time

This is often one factor we overlook. Arriving on time can completely make or break your spa experience. If you arrive late and in a rush, it will take more time for you to relax and calm down. Also if you have an appointment after your spa visit, you'll only be thinking about the clock and will not be able to fully enjoy your first spa experience. Arriving on time and with a positive attitude is the first step to having an awesome spa day.

Put your phone on silence

Phones are a very important part of our day to day lives. So why on earth should you put your phone on silence? Modern life is crazy, cluttered, and noisy, and all that noise, along with the hum of technology, is contributing to stress. Dialing down the noise is something many of us seem to need right now. So we help you kick stress out of your life by having a limited phone policy at our spa. You come to us for a well-deserved self-care time, don't let anyone take it away from you.

Have questions? Don't worry!

It's your first time, so we will do a consultation first (Another reason why we ask you to arrive early, ahem). We'll talk about why you decided to come to our spa, what you're looking for and what your concerns are. We'll also do an analysis depending on what kind of treatment you're looking for. We will ask you questions about the condition of your skin, lifestyle, or other information that we need to tailor the treatment to your specific needs. We will also talk you through the stages of the treatment, explaining the purpose and benefits of each. This is really your time to ask questions! Don't be afraid to make them. We want you to be comfortable and at ease with the treatment that you're doing, and one way we get there is by being completely transparent with you. We encourage questions, girl!

Hydrate, honey!

Last, but not least, hydrate! Before and after. We offer lovely spa detox waters so you are free to enjoy them. There are several reasons why: first, most of us are slightly dehydrated and water purifies your kidneys, and these organs help process key nutrients and toxins. Also some treatments can be pretty dehydrating (massages, hot treatments). And secondly, with massage treatments and other detox treatments, a lot of the “gunk” that’s in your system gets stirred up, and drinking lots of water will help flush out your system.

Fast round!

Here are some other tips to keep in mind!

  • During your treatment, we will introduce you the products that we use and give recommendations for home care.

  • During the treatment give feedback! Is it too cold or warm? Does it hurt somewhere or are you just enjoying the treatment? Please let us know.

  • For body treatments, we provide you with one time panties (also for men). For example for all body treatments that include body exfoliation or taking a shower. This is more hygienic and we keep from damaging or accidentally dirtying your undies.

  • Before the treatment, we will also ask you to fill the client anamnesis. Just to make sure you do not have any health problems we should know.

Wrap it up

So that's it for what you should know if you're coming to our spa for the first time. Remember that you can always book a consultation with us online and we encourage you to do so! If you have some questions and want to talk to us, reach out to our WhatsApp number, which you can easily access at the WhatsApp bubble on our website.

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