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Divine Body Detox: A slimmer body without pain

Many reduction treatments are known for using several tools that can cause bruising or pain. But what if we tell you that we have a very special treatment that is 100% manual, doesn't do pain and you can see results in the very first session? Well, that's our Divine Body Detox!

What exactly is the Divine Body Detox?

Divine Body Detox is a massage that combines relaxation, reduction, sculpting, and lymphatic drainage techniques. It works your entire body: abdomen, back, love handles, legs, glutes, arm and offers results within the very first session. The Divine Body Detox does not cause any pain and is a non-invasive treatment.

What results can you expect from the Divine Body Detox?

When you decide to do our Divine Body Detox, you will have several benefits such as:

  • Reduce sizes

  • Sculpt your body

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite

  • Activate your blood flow and circulation

  • Eliminates inflammation and edemas

  • Reduces stress

  • Lifts and sculpts glutes

  • Detox

Who can do the Divine Body Detox?

This treatment is for almost everyone because it is a 100% manual treatment. This means we do not use any injections or cut the skin open. The Divine Body Detox uses manual massage techniques that cause no pain. So most people, no matter the age or different conditions that they may have, can do this treatment without worries. If you do have a condition that you're not certain might handle this treatment, we recommend you schedule a consultation so we can give you more specific information.

How much does it cost and how many treatments do I need?

The Divine Body Detox costs FL150 for 1 session or FL1200 for 10 sessions. When choosing to do 10 sessions, it is recommended to do 2 sessions every week. Meaning that this treatment usually lasts for 5 weeks. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

How long does it take for me to see the results?

Results are visible within the first session. So you are guaranteed to see progressive results from the very first treatment.

Wrapping up

So to wrap things up, the Divine Body Detox is a treatment that can help you lose weight and sculpt your body. This weight loss treatment is manual and causes no pain, unlike other weightloss treatments. The results are visible within the first session. Sounds too good to be true? Well, we want to leave you with these before and after photos of our clients! These are the results our clients saw in the very first session.

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