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Can men go to the spa? Yes! Here are our top treatments for men.

Finding the time to focus on yourself is a challenge for both men and women. However, everyone deserves some time to indulge in being pampered. Luckily, spas are the best way to get away from it all and refresh your body.

Nowadays more men are realizing the importance of looking good, feeling good, and staying healthy. Some men assume a day at the spa is a women’s activity, but men have used spas for centuries. From the Romans to the ancient Byzantines, humans have always appreciated spas for their health-giving qualities.

If you’re a man, you may find it overwhelming to take a look at our extensive list of treatments. But fear not, this blog post will break it down for you to figure out exactly which treatment you need. Let’s go!

Skin Treatments

Getting a facial treatment isn’t just about being “pampered” or feeling relaxed. While those are all perks, facial treatments actually benefit patients by clearing out dirt and grime and improving the appearance of their skin.

As a matter of fact, men have rougher skin and larger pores, which creates more visibility and high exposure to dirt and grime. Due to the higher levels of testosterone than women, men also produce more oil than women do. In combination with larger pores, this can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and pimples. Does this sound like you?

In that case, we highly recommend starting out with our Deep Cleansing Facial. This facial will leave your face super clean, moisturized, and looking as handsome as ever.


If you’ve thought about getting a massage, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger, there are many reasons why a massage might be beneficial to you. There are 2 types of massages our male guests love.

The first one is the Deep Tissue Massage. This massage targets the deeper layers of muscle tissue and eases hard knots in those muscles. In this massage, the therapists use their elbows, fists, and knuckles to treat the pain points. It eases stiff necks, sore shoulders, and tight back. It also helps manage pain, eliminates toxins from the body, relieves stress, and relaxes the muscles.

Another type of massage that our male guests absolutely adore is the Sports Massage. If you are an athlete or go to the gym, this type of massage will help you decrease stiffness and enhance flexibility. It reduces muscle tension, soreness, and discomfort. It also helps you improve your performance due to the increased range of motion and reduces post-injury healing time.


Feet are an often forgotten part of the body. Think of how often your feet are exhausted, sweaty, rough, scaly, and stinky. Or how often your toenails are either overgrown or over-clipped. If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail, you agree with the sentiment tenfold. Pedicures aren’t about adding a splash of color to your toes. It’s about healthy feet. A pedicure will help you with overall hygiene. You’ll have healthy nails, smooth skin, better-smelling feet, and improved circulation. Your feet keep you going, don’t you think they deserve good treatment?

Wrapping up

These are only a few of the treatments you can do. If you’re interested in another treatment, feel free to send us a message. Chances are, we can probably do it. Will we see you at Paqari Spa?

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