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The 5 best spa treatments when you're on vacation in Curacao

Curacao is the ultimate vacation destination for beach-lovers with its eternal summer. Give your vacation a special touch by adding one of these services to your itinerary.

Deep Moisturizing Facial with Seaweed Mask When you come to Curacao, you will obviously enjoy the good weather and beach all day long. This sounds perfect until you get a little too much sun and... you’re sunburned. And there’s nothing worse than going around with a red and clearly sun-burned face that stings. Let’s not think about all your holiday pictures with a red (or peeling!) face. If this is your case, we got you covered: Come and try our Deep Moisturizing Facial with Seaweed Mask. This facial is a heavenly antidote to sunburned skin. It will soothe the sting and reduce the redness caused by overexposure to the sun. Seaweed works wonderfully to deeply moisturize your skin after drying it out in the sun. And it’s a key ingredient in preventing further sun damage in the long term. This is a highly recommended facial if you want to look after your skin after having a bit too much sun. The Sabai massage is our newest addition to our massage services, and so far... our clients LOVE IT! What makes this treatment so special are the herbs and aromas we use. Depending on your mood and what you want to work on, we’ll choose special herbs and boil them to release their special properties. We’ll put them in a little stamp and massage it thoroughly through your body. The warmth and smell of the herbs will help you relax your body and mind. The Sabai massage is perfect if you want to alleviate pain, muscle soreness, inflammation, relieve stress, or calm the mind. It’s a 75-minute full-body massage with amazing benefits and the only risk is that you’ll end up falling in love with it. Many of you come to the sun-kissed Caribbean islands to get away from the cold and just enjoy the chill vibes in the sun. Sunbathing is an amazing way to get that much-needed vitamin D, but... you may spend too much time sunbathing... If you’ve spent too much time sunbathing and are now sunburned all over, we also have a special seaweed body mask to soothe the sting from the sunburn. The seaweed body mask is amazing to soothe and relieve the pain you feel after getting sunburned. The mask will be applied throughout your body and it will help nourish and heal the skin much quicker. Furthermore, it is also an amazing mask to help you detox your body from toxins! Holidays are all about relaxing, which is why our classic anti-stress massage has made it on this list. While the anti-stress massage may not sound as exotic as our other options, you cannot underestimate the incredible benefits it has. Our anti-stress massage in particular has a very calming effect on the body and mind. It also helps with relaxation, pain relief and increases the feeling of content and well-being. This is why it’s one of our most beloved massages by our guests. For couples looking to have an intimate and relaxing time together, we have a special spa day package for them to enjoy. We will first start with a full-body relaxing massage that will make you feel on cloud nine. No couple’s spa day is completed without a facial. After the massage, we will perform a facial express with our signature seaweed products to nourish your skin. This is an intimate experience loved by couples. You’ll leave our spa relaxed, refreshed, and ready to re-energized to keep exploring our beautiful island of Curacao. These are the treatments we recommend the most for when you’re on vacation here on the island. As you can see, we clearly thought about all your needs. So you'll be in great hands once you step inside our spa. Will we see you soon?

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